What we've been talking about

On our podcast, the last few episodes have been focused around living your best life, nutritionally. This is a common subject that I hear a lot about, but little attention focuses on the actual thought process of what it takes to take your first step in the right direction, and how to continue walking the right direction throughout life.

You might be scratching your head right about now, and asking yourself, "what the heck does that mean?"

Yes, this might be the face you are making! (laughing out loud)

Easy. Let me explain.

Most individuals have a plan to lose weight or to be healthier, or rid goodbye of a health related disease, or ...

Whatever the reason to desire living a healthier nutritional lifestyle, it takes so much more than just the thought.

Seeing inspirational photos on social media might be a start for some, but how do you keep moving forward in your journey? Do you set goals? Do you know what it takes to start and do you know how to keep yourself moving forward when you fall and give in to bad eating?

You see, not many people understand the dynamics of what it REALLY takes to lose weight, or to change an unhealthy diet, but it is doable, in time.

For some reason, the human brain seems to be wired on quick fixes. Why can't we accomplish most things overnight, and why don't my jeans fit after eating healthy for an entire week? And, why did it take me so long to work out and lose only 10 pounds, yet, I gained all of the weight back in no time!!

So, you say I can do this diet and lose 10 pounds in 1 week!? Sign me up!

...and one week later, you've actually gained a few pounds.

It might be water retention, it might be stress, it might be muscle, it might be bad eating habits that you never started to change.

You see, it takes a lot to understand YOUR body, and what YOUR body needs to lose weight properly, and what it takes mentally to sustain this lifestyle.

First things first, it's not about changing your diet just yet, it's not about jumping into a gym membership or paying to have a trainer...Where you start is by listening to you brain, and understanding if you are ready to move forward.

In my podcast episode 40: Part 1 of Living your best life, I discuss a few steps towards learning if you are ready to move forward with this life changing event. (You may laugh and think, it's not rocket science, but little do the uneducated know, it really is).

A quick run through.

Step 1: Everyone's body is different. What works for your friend and their friends, doesn't mean it will work for you.

Step 2: Just because it is on social media, does not mean you are seeing the whole picture. And, don't believe everything you see (in pictures) and don't believe everything that girl posts under her perfectly edited photo.

Step 3: The real start begins.

Step 4: Before you get started with changing your nutritional intake, you will want to know what your plan is: Prep your kitchen (refrigerator, cabinets, and anywhere else you stash food). Work on familiarizing yourself with a nutritional journal. This doesn't mean you'll have to do it for the rest of your life, but I promise you, after a few months of regularly doing this, you'll feel bad when you don't.

Step 5: You must know what is motivating you and where you are getting your motivation. Is it just motivation when you see a picture online. Does it come and go, or do you have this feeling almost everyday. By doing a little quiz (that we have put together at GP), you'll better understand if this lifestyle change is suitable for you right now, or if you need to still work on preparing yourself to get you ready to change.

Step 6: Work on tracking some good and bad habits for no longer than 2 weeks. During this process you'll want to gather bits of information such as: Eat a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack in between; eat more vegetables and consume more fresh fruit; work on identifying bad habits that influence your poor eating habits (such as eating while watching tv, or shopping on a hungry stomach); and finally our LIVE BY- work on journaling your food intake.

Now, you are ready to get started. You see, it is rocket science, but... by rocket science, it doesn't mean it is impossible, yet doable! To continue following on this topic, subscribe and follow our podcast! Our next episode will cover more in-depth information on HOW to do in your best nutritional life.