Our visit home-back west

Because we all know the proper way to take a real picture with another coach is THIS way! Okay, okay, but he's not just another coach- he's a USA Paralympic guide-runner, who by the way just signed with TOYOTA! And, with his fun, outgoing, and energetic personality, well, it's easy to fall into his footsteps and add some pep to a photo-so, there you have it! Jerome Avery-everybody! If you don't know who this awesome coach is (not me, because we all know who I am) go check him out; just Google him (I made it easy for the lazy one's-click on the word "Google").

Truth is, I am super blessed to know such amazing coaches-not just our USA track coaches but coaches across the world! As I've worked hard on my education in Sports Science, it has always been a goal to connect with world class coaches and educate their athletes of the importance behind sports nutrition, sports medicine, and sports psychology. All 3 areas in which I specialize in and am truly passionate about; these areas all connect an athlete to top notch mental and physical performance. Without the knowledge and respect in one field, an athlete will not be 100% successful in sport. Sports coaches do amazing things for their athletes-without them, sport would not exist. So, thank you to all the wonderful coaches out there: coaches of all levels of sport!

Another wonderful coach I've been friends with for several years now, Coach Jeremy Fischer. Google him too! And, check out that nutrition link on his page- need some assistance, well, you know who I am!

My boys were totally spoiled by running through the sand pits and cutting in-between some of the athletes jump practice- oh, did I mention the sand? They took complete advantage of me while I sat under the tent and caught up with coach Fischer... But, they had fun! So, thank you coach and athletes for letting them run wild-after all, the weather out there at the Olympic Training Center is ALWAYS amazing! I mean, look at that picture-BLUE SKY!

Coach Fischer has guided myself for many years: when I was going through my last 2 years of my undergraduate degree, and provided my school with a wonderful recommendation letter for my dual masters program. I am forever grateful for his expertise in the industry; I have learned so much from him, and from a far distance.

Overall, my visit back home to California was a great visit. Being able to venture off and spoil the boys, take them places most kids (and people at that) have never been before, was a memorable experience. After all, isn't that what life is all about! I hope you all are having a wonderful summer! July has come and is on it's way out! Stay cool friends!