My Perception Against Yours

Staring out the window while stopped at a street light, curiosity takes place and the desire to self-create a story about the people in the surrounding cars becomes natural.

"Oh, she must be decorating her face to take the perfect photo, and he is looking at her so annoyed, knowing that she is about to ask him to take a million photos of her to edit and post for her Instagram account. And, that guy looks so annoyed at all of the traffic, he must be an unhappy guy because there is always traffic! I bet he is running late to work. He is probably hung over from the night before. Stay clear of him, no need to get into a car accident from his road rage." Oh, stop honking! The light JUST turned green. Man, people are so annoying!

Pondering off and creating random stories of others becomes so easy, but the perception of other's lives can quickly become negative especially when submerging every other hour of looking at photos of people we follow online; how their lives look so perfect, all-of-the-time! We start asking ourselves why is my life so different? Why do they have so many friends? How? Huh?

Perception: Taking in all of our senses. How we become aware through our senses- creates our reality.

From day 1 in the womb, we start developing our own perception. When we are born, we view life throughout our own lens. Imagery is a process that we don't realize is important. It is the ability to create or re-create a scenario in the mind, using all of our senses. How does it smell, do you like how it taste, what about the sound, and is it hot or cold to the touch? How do you emotionally FEEL from these senses?

This is the beginning of creating personal perception- of life and all things in it. Feelings are an important factor that stem from perception. For some, depression sets in. Viewing social media can be damaging-those who quickly become depressed through comparison, one's life is no where near the same as the person being viewed. Meanwhile, others can become inspired and motivated! To NOT re-create, rather create a new beginning from inspiration from others or like-minded individuals.

Learning to take control of YOUR perception is vital in life. Making sure to not allow oneself to become depressed or dig to deep into things that draw in the negative. It's not easy-after all, even those individuals who appear to have an easy life do possibly have distorted perceptions of life, and although YOU think others lives are perfect (most of the time), they are NOT.

Creating stories without knowing the truth can be damaging to the mind. So, don't ponder for too long!

Work on creating positive perceptions- you will be much happier throughout your days!

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