Nutrition: It's always on the mind

Updated: May 16, 2019

But why?

Well, because we are athletes, coaches, parents of little humans who we are trying to raise into a healthy lifestyle, and individuals who struggle with the concept that the older we get, the more weight our bodies hold onto or the likelihood that disease can set in.

Growing up, I never thought about consuming healthy food. Before I went to boarding school (age 11), my mother fed me only foods that were healthy. No butter, no sugar, no salt, nothing that was fun for a child. No cheese on my broccoli, no butter on my toast- I was by far the healthiest child I ever knew. But, life changed when I moved away to a boarding school. There, I was able to eat almost anything we purchased from the store. We made most of our own choices and ate, horribly.

Today, I believe the only thing that saved me from gaining weight or having a heart attack at a young age was sports and of course, genetics. I was physically active from the age of 11 until I was 18. I engaged in 4 sports, every season and I was always going- and pushed past my threshold. My body was always hungry! I remember eating a McDonalds Double Quarter Pounder, a coke, fries, and an Oreo McFlurry almost every time I drove to town or after a competition. And, the dirty looks I would get from others- glaring at me, wondering how I could stuff that food in my mouth and still be the best in my sport, and not gain an ounce of weight- ya, I remember who you are.

Truth: Well, we all age. And, unfortunately, genetics can only play a positive role for so long until they can't. The older we get, we should maintain a healthy lifestyle. For ourselves and our young, so they can understand the importance of incorporating a healthy lifestyle and hopefully pass it along to their children (your future grand babies). A goal should be to consume a healthy lifestyle (nutritiously) at a young age, to avoid any consequences later on in life- and to help maintain obvious current reasons.

So, turning your nutritional life around can still help. But, don't be blinded by those individuals who consume (or portray a healthy lifestyle on social media) and think they must never eat bad food- fast food. Because, let me tell you, I'm proud to tell everyone that I do occasionally indulge in that Double Quarter Pounder from McDonalds, but- I work hard to maintain a healthy life and keep all bad food in moderation. No one is perfect, but imagine the life you could have and the ability to push away health complications, especially those of you athletes who are still very young and have a lifetime ahead of you! Start now! There really is no time like the present.

Enjoy food- Enjoy a healthy, energized, and nutritious lifestyle


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