Define Mindset


Established mindset.

New mindset.

Sport mindset.

Words to define: Brain, neurological, psychological, perspective, life, human, fixed, quality of life, change, expectancy, setbacks, improvements, enhance, imagine, learning, growth, opportunity, development, step-by-step, new, entrenched, fixed, beginning, attitudes, perspective, unlearn, habit (good & bad), interdisciplinary, ability, science, sport, physical & mental performance, unconscious & conscious, trust, help, learn, memory, process, positive & negative, fuel, thoughts, beliefs...

The power of mindset can make or break mental and physical performance. Mindset can take many perspectives and can be altered at any given time. Personal and environmental stressors can impact one's ability to perceive truth, which may alter one's mental mindset. Mental blocks take the form of reality and in sport performance, the ability to master competition can be destroyed if mental blocks stand in the way.

Whatever goes through your mind in and out of each day, may influence the way you view life and can shape the way you form habits. These habits may alter the way you think, feel, and act. Actions, attitude, and beliefs play a vital role in mindset.

Make sure to understand where your mindset stands, each day!